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Small Business Insurance Explained

Hiscox put together a video to explain why you need small business insurance. It also explains what kind of insurance is right for you whether it be general liability insurance, errors & omissions insurance or business owners policy. Watch the video below or read the transcript.


Being your own boss takes courage...But the risks you face as a business owner can be troubling. Small business insurance – which is also called liability commercial or third-party insurance helps protect you from those risks. Having a policy in place ensures the unexpected won’t knock you off course.

Have you considered what could happen to your business if someone gets hurt? Property is damaged? Or an error is made? A third party can sue you even if you haven’t made a mistake. And resolving these cases is expensive and time-consuming.

You need small business insurance to cover the risks inherent to your profession … and provide a financial safety net for your future. Choosing a small business insurance policy that meets your needs requires understanding the types of coverage available.

General liability insurance also known as commercial general liability, covers third-party claims of damage to property and bodily injury. An example of a claim covered by general liability is a customer who trips and falls over your equipment and sues you to cover medical costs and lost wages resulting from their injury.

Professional liability insurance...also known as errors and omissions or E and O, protects you from claims of negligence during the course of conducting business. You can be sued if you make a mistake or if a customer is dissatisfied with your work, even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

You may want different kinds of insurance depending on your business needs. But getting the right coverage doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Hiscox, we make it simple. You can get a quote and buy a policy online in just minutes.

It’s fast, affordable, and coverage is tailored to your profession. The best time to think about small business insurance is before the unexpected happens.

With Hiscox to help power your journey, you’ve got the protection you need to keep your business rising. Go online to start a free quote and see how easy it is to protect your business.

Ready to get business insurance?

Insurance for businesses does not have to be complicated. You can get a small business insurance quote and purchase online in minutes, and your business could be covered today. If you have questions about insurance for your business, you can talk to a human at 1-866-283-7545. A licensed insurance advisor is more than happy to help you navigate getting your business covered with an insurance policy that makes sense for you.