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Hiscox. Helping businesses conquer risk.

Hiscox. Helping businesses conquer risk.

Hiscox. Helping businesses conquer risk.

Top 5 reasons for business insurance

Small business owners are risk-takers. That’s what makes them innovate and succeed. But there are some risks they can’t see coming. Here’s why they should have business insurance to protect the business they’ve worked so hard to build.


You can be sued for almost anything – even if you haven’t made a mistake. We’ve all heard stories about ridiculous lawsuits that should never have been brought. But the fact is, people sue.


Insurance is cheaper than a lawsuit. If someone sues you, it’s going to cost you money to defend yourself – even if you win. You’ll have to defend yourself, and you may lose time away from work, which can mean lost revenue.


Accidents happen. If someone slips and falls, or their property is damaged, you could be responsible for the costs.


Employees make mistakes. Business insurance can protect you if one of your employees—even a temporary or contract worker—does something wrong.


It helps you focus on taking the right risks. When you don’t have to worry about claims and lawsuits, you can focus on the risks you can take to grow your business.

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