Frequently Asked Questions on Information Requests

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about information we need to renew your policy. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact our call center using the number below.

  • Call center number
    (Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET)

Why should I renew with Hiscox?

Your small business is unique. The individual risks you face are distinctive to why, how, and where you do business. As America’s leading small business insurer, we’re experts in the small but mighty, and we understand how to protect your business from the risks you face today and tomorrow.

The benefits of good insurance often aren’t obvious until disaster strikes. We’ve been helping customers to get back on their feet when they have a claim since 1901, and we’ll go over and above to turn your bad day into a better one. This year, we’ve received industry-leading NPS, Customer Satisfaction, and Ease scores from customers who experienced a claim. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say about our claims service:

  • The ease of submitting a claim, and speedy response helped our business recover some cost of new equipment. We are grateful for the help we received and will definitely recommend Hiscox as we have many times before. We’ve only ever made one claim, although we’ve had them for years. Fantastic experience.
  • The ease. The efficiency. My adjuster was so understanding. It made so much difference…

    I wasn't treated like a number.

  • The claim process was easy due to the excellent communication and knowledge of the adjuster and attorney.
  • Simply, great people and very caring!
  • My claim was handled in a timely manner and the process was extremely easy. My adjuster was very helpful and understanding.
  • It was as quick and smooth as can be.
  • Easy to process and friendly to work with. I would say very business friendly and efficient

We want to see you and your business succeed, which is why we’ve created some useful resources to help with protecting and growing your small business, which you can find here.

Why does Hiscox need this new information?

We want to gain a better understanding of your business by clarifying some information. Specifically, we’d like to gain a clearer picture of the ownership and payroll of the business. This will help us to provide pricing that is the best possible fit for the individual risks that you and your business face.

Why has my premium changed?

As we learn more about your business, we will ensure you have the right price for your coverage based on the additional information you provide. This may result in a change to your renewal premium, which will be market appropriate for your business based on the individual risks that your business may face.

What will happen if I do not provide the requested information?

If the notice you received advises that we are unable to renew your policy unless you provide the requested information, your policy will expire and you will no longer have coverage with Hiscox as of the expiration date stated on the notice (which is the date your business’ policy is set to expire with us).

Otherwise, if you provide the information requested, we will price your renewal premium using the information described in the notice you received.

The information described in the notice is incorrect. What should I do?

If your renewal letter contains incorrect information around ownership and payroll, please provide us with the correct information by using this online form, or contacting our call center using the number at the top of this page. You must contact us by the date provided on your letter.

If any other information is incorrect, please contact the call center.

How long do I have to provide this information?

You must submit the information by the date included on the notice you received from us.

Will this new information change my policy?

The information you provide will not affect the terms of your policy’s coverage such as the scope of coverage offered, limits or deductibles.

What if I do not want to continue with the renewal?

At Hiscox, policies are more than numbers, they represent a customer that has been courageous
enough to make their dream happen. We’re sorry that you’d like to leave. If you choose not to renew,
please reach out to our licensed advisors at our call center at 833 837 7096. They can also answer
any questions you may have.