Hiscox Small Business Corner: Wunderbar Media, LLC

October 25, 2013

Entrepreneur Hannes Luth defied the odds and begin launching his business while going through the U.S. visa process.

Hannes Luth
The Hiscox Small Business Corner highlights Hannes Luth, founder of Wunderbar Media, LLC.

At Hiscox, we enjoy giving small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their businesses. Our MyStartupStory series did just that. Our latest series, the Hiscox Small Business Corner, highlights business owners and the companies they lead. The second edition of the small business corner, features Hannes Luth, founder of Wunderbar Media, LLC.

Wunderbar Media is a consulting firm that helps established European organizations immerse themselves in the American culture, and also aids Americans doing business or relocating to Central Europe. Freelancers and entrepreneurs in print, radio, television, publishing and public relations industries work closely with Wunderbar to get the most out of their overseas business relationships.

Learn about Hannes unique experience of launching Wunderbar Media while also having to complete the U.S. visa process.

What’s your background?

I’m a Belgian-German national who wanted to start a business in the land of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit. While most entrepreneurs are faced with finding the right investors, locating the perfect retail space or finishing their prototype, I faced the hurdle of needing to obtain a visa to start my business in the United States. The stakes were extremely high as I was not only starting a new business, but also starting a new life on a different continent. The visa process taught me to remain focused. I forced myself to stay motivated and to never let go of my dreams. These skills have helped a lot in overcoming the hurdles of my first year in business.

What encouraged you to become a business owner?

The workforce is changing. More workers are becoming freelancers, especially in the field of media, I saw a need for consulting those professionals. When I browsed the market for competent advice I realized few consultants understood those creative professionals and that nearly none of them had previously worked as a creative entrepreneur themselves. This niche, and the comparison of my time as an employee to that of a business owner with all the freedoms and opportunities that come with it, gave me all the encouragement I needed to found Wunderbar Media.

What advice would you share with other business owners?

Stay true to yourself. Sounds cheesy and simple, but it absolutely is not. There are 1,000 reasons why your business idea can fail and 1,000 reasons why it can succeed. But there’s only one person that makes the difference: YOU. So treat yourself accordingly, empower yourself, set your own goals, make your own agenda, take a day off when everybody else is working and most importantly, enjoy the freedom that comes with your way of making a living.

What is your secret to  success?

I contribute my success to breaking down my goals, from long-term goals to five-year goals and all the way down into weekly goals. It’s much easier to achieve success this way and I can adjust my goals along the way if needed. I also focus on teaching others about the things that I’m passionate about. These include entrepreneurship, media and public speaking. Finally, developing a consistent brand that truly reflects your business will lead to success.

For more information about Wunderbar Media, visit www.wunderbar-media.com or email Hannes directly at info[email protected]