Hiscox Customer’s Small Business Spotlighted by ABC

July 01, 2019

We’re excited to present the first Hiscox customer spotlighted on the ABC Localish series, Secretly Awesome, Nathanial Hill founder of Broadway Plus VIP

Nathaniel started the company as a way to take the Broadway experience to the next level by creating experiences that give customers exclusive access to premium seats, backstage tours and meet and greets with the show’s stars!  

For those whose aspirations go beyond sitting in the best seats in the house, there is also an option to get custom one-of-a-kind experiences like a walk-on role in a show or professional recording studio time to record your very own vocals!   

In Nathaniel’s experience, having business insurance is important to stay protected .“There’s some liability involved. Sometimes we’re literally standing under like two-ton set pieces that get flown up into the air, and we’ve got trap doors below us, and people running around and costumes everywhere. So it’s important to have your bases covered.”

Watch the full video about Broadway Plus VIP below and on ABC’s Secretly Awesome

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