Broker Contacts

Meet our national leadership team and find your specialized underwriter contact by region. We have knowledgeable underwriters ready to help you win business!

Click on your region, then select your specialized underwriter by line of business.

Are you an agent looking for assistance with Hiscox NOW submissions? Please call us at 1-866-739-0727 weekdays between 7am and 10pm ET.

File a claim

Fill out our online form and attach pertinent information. You will receive a copy of your claim by email. Or you can call our in-house claims team at 1-866-424-8508, Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET.

Request a loss run

To request loss runs, please email [email protected]. Please include policy number, named insured/policyholder, and product name, if available. Loss runs will be provided within one business day. You must be the broker of record to receive a loss run.

Submit a Broker of Record (BOR) request

Contact an underwriter via email to initiate a Broker of Record change. Please include the affected policy number and a signed BOR letter in your request. There is a five-business day waiting period while we validate the change. Both the incumbent and new broker will be notified of the update. You must be appointed for the line of Business and Distribution channel to BOR an account.