Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions agents ask. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call our service center or email us at [email protected].

Hiscox NOW Program & Product Questions

Do I need to be appointed with Hiscox NOW?

No, you do not. As long as you’re appointed with your wholesaler, you can start quoting and binding Hiscox NOW policies today.

What is your A.M. Best rating?

Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. is the carrier on all Hiscox NOW products and is rated 'A' (Excellent) by A.M. Best

How long has Hiscox been in business for?

The Hiscox Group is a global insurer with over 100 years' experience in insuring businesses.

Are all Hiscox NOW policies written on an admitted basis using ISO products? 

All Hiscox NOW policies (PL, GL, BOP, and Cyber) are admitted products. Our GL and BOP policies are ISO-based forms.

Will Hiscox ever communicate directly with my client?

Hiscox NOW respects the relationship between you and your client. We will only contact your client directly regarding their existing policy (policy documents, renewal notifications, billing issues, etc.) and you will always be copied in on these emails. 

Why choose Hiscox NOW?
  • Fast and Simple: Get a quote in minutes online or by phone
  • Broad Appetite: Same-day coverage for hundreds of professions.
  • Instant Binding: Policy documents are emailed immediately.
  • Direct Bill: Hiscox handles all servicing and billing.
  • Automatic Renewal: Earn commission for the lifetime of the policy.
Why do I need to come through a wholesaler to access Hiscox NOW?

We only offer Hiscox NOW products through an exclusive arrangement with select wholesalers and therefore do not appoint individual retail agents.

Account & Login Questions

How do I know if I already have a Hiscox account or not?
  • It’s quick and easy to determine if you have a Hiscox account by utilizing our ‘Forgot Password’ functionality. From the homepage, select ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Forgot Password’. Enter the email address you think could be associated with your account. If an account exists, a temporary password will be sent to your email and you will be prompted to change your password. If there is no account associated with that email, you’ll receive an error message letting you know that we weren’t able to identify an account with the information provided. From here, double check that the email you entered is correct or click to create a new account.

  • If you’re unable to create an account, that’s likely because the email you entered is already associated with a Hiscox account. Try signing in with that email or resetting your password using the ‘Forgot Password’ functionality.

Is my login the same that I use for my wholesale partner?

Unfortunately, they are separate. You’ll have to create a Hiscox login in addition to the login you use with your wholesaler.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

Creating an account is simple and gives you access to all of our quoting and policy management features. You’ll be able to compare quotes, retrieve saved quotes, manage active policies, as well as get an ACORD or Certificate of Insurance.

How do I view my active policies?

You can view your active policies by logging into your account and going to the agent dashboard. For more information, please view our account management video here.

Do I need to have an account to bind?

Yes. You can still create a quote without an account but in order to bind you will need to log in to existing account or create a new account.

Quoting Questions

How do I get a quote and how long does it take?

You can quote online or by phone in minutes! Once you receive a quote with a premium, it is automatically 'approved' based on the information you provided and it's instantly bindable!

How do I share the quote with my client?

You can download the quote proposal on the quote page and email that to your clients. All of the calls to action direct your client to contact you for questions and to purchase.

Will Hiscox send the quote directly to my client?

No, Hiscox does not share the quote with your client. We only contact your clients directly, copying you, in regards to their existing policy. 

How do I know which quote tool to use, Hiscox NOW or Hiscox PRO?

The Distribution Appetite Guide makes it easier for you to understand overlaps in coverage between our Hiscox PRO traditional broker service and our Hiscox NOW platform

  • Hiscox NOW is a low-touch, direct-bill digital platform aimed at the smallest of risks. It enables you to get immediate online quotes and bind risks, while Hiscox takes care of everything else.
  • Hiscox PRO delivers a more traditional access point in 12 lines of business that are all quoted and bound by local underwriters. This is our broadest appetite and is recommended for risks that require a more customized approach because of the size or complexity of the risk.

Saving & Retrieving Quotes Questions

I don’t see a quote in my quote view. How can I add it to my account?

Quotes created while not logged in or made over the phone are not automatically added to your account. To add them, reference the email you received at the time of quote and click ‘retrieve quote’. Continue until you reach the ‘About Your Client’s Business’ page. Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘save’. From there you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account. Sign in to the account you’re trying to add it to. Access our 'How to add unsaved quotes to your Hiscox account’ guide for a breakdown of this process.

Why can’t I find a quote in my list?

Quotes created while logged out or made over the phone are not automatically added to your account. Quotes that have been bound will not be eligible to be added to your quote listing. However, we’re currently working to expand login capabilities to include a policy listing.

How do I view all of my pending quotes?

 If you have a Hiscox account, you can log in to view all of your pending quotes from your agent dashboard. You can even search for a specific quote by entering your client’s business name or reference number in the search field.

Purchasing & Billing Questions

Do you offer same-day coverage?

Yes, we do. You can quote online and purchase coverage with the same-day effective date all in one day!

Is there a paper application we can print to have our clients sign? 

Hiscox is completely paperless so you’ll need your client to verify that all information you entered online is correct and that your client agrees to enter a binding agreement with Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. If your agency still requires a physical copy, you may print the application summary page of your quote and have your client sign that.

What forms of payment do you accept and are there any financing options available?

Hiscox NOW accepts credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). We offer annual or monthly payment plans with no additional fees, so financing options from premium financing companies are not needed.

Are all Hiscox NOW policies Direct Bill?

Yes, all Hiscox NOW policies are direct bill.  So if your client's credit or debit card doesn't go through one month or upon renewal, we will contact them directly and copy you in on those communications. 

What is the commission rate for NOW policies? 

We pay commissions to your wholesaler who in turn pays them to you. Questions about commission should be directed toward your wholesaler representative

Servicing & Renewal Questions

How will I know if my client contacts you to add or change their policy?

If your client contacts Hiscox and adds or makes a change to their policy, we will copy you on the e-mail containing the documents supporting the policy change.

If my client calls the Hiscox service center and happens to add additional policy, will I be compensated and listed as the agent of record for the new policy?

Yes. If you are the agent of record and your client calls our service center and happens to add an additional policy, you will remain the agent of record and receive commission from your wholesaler. 

How do renewals work?

Our policies automatically renew using the payment method used at time of purchase. You and your customer will be emailed copies of the policy documents and new terms in advance of the renewal date (typically 45-60 days in advance).

When a policy that’s on a monthly-pay plan renews, does Hiscox take a 2 month down payment again?

We will only charge the standard monthly rate upon renewal, except for artisan contractors, landscapers, janitors, and retailers*.  A two-months down payment is only required at the initial policy inception date.

*Artisan contractors, landscapers, janitors and retailers require a 25% down payment upon renewal.

How are claims handled?

Claims are handled directly by our Hiscox claims team. You or your client can report a claim online anytime.

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