Easily manage your Client’s policy

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Manage your client’s policy

Get a Certificate of Insurance, add an additional insured, change a payment method, and more.


Get a Certificate of Insurance (ACORD)

A certificate of insurance (also called a CoI or ACORD certificate) summarizes essential information about your policy. You may be asked to provide one by a client or landlord.

All you need is your email address and policy number to immediately generate an certificate of insurance for an additional insured or a client. It can be easily customized with your client or landlord's name and a description of your business operations.

Get a certificate

Online policy changes

The following changes can be requested online:

  • Request policy documents
  • Change policy documents delivery preference
  • Add an authorized person
  • Change business address
    (same state)
  • Change business name
  • Request a loss run
  • Request a waiver of subrogation
  • Update certificate holder
  • Submit documents

Request changes

Policy changes by phone

The following must be completed by phone:

  • Update a credit card
  • Update billing address
  • Update contact information
  • Update policy limits
  • Add an additional business location
  • Change business address
    (new state)
  • Policy status inquiry
  • Adjust your coverage
  • Cancel a policy

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Need to file a claim?

It‘s not until you have to report a claim or a loss that you find out how important your insurance really is. We understand reporting a claim can be a nerve-racking time for a small business owner, which is why we make the process as easy as possible.

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