Legal Disclaimer

The Pay When You Can Program only applies to premium payment(s) due during the moratorium period for your state. Policyholders are being provided 18 months after the moratorium expiration date to remit the outstanding premium due prior to that expiration date. During the extended repayment period, no penalty or interest shall be incurred by the policyholder on outstanding premium due during the applicable moratorium for your state. Hiscox’s Pay When You Can Program is compliant with applicable state requirements and permits a longer repayment period to policyholders than is required by the policyholder’s state of domicile.

Please note that expiration dates for moratoriums are subject to change by state regulators. Hiscox will observe all moratorium extensions as they occur. Policyholders will continue to be responsible for remitting premium owed to Hiscox Insurance Company Inc. (HICI) after the moratorium expiration. If at any time you become delinquent on those post-moratorium payments, Hiscox may initiate cancellation proceedings consistent with all state requirements.

The information on this page applies only to Hiscox’s direct to consumer business.