We encourage courage

For our customers as well as ourselves. It’s what makes us a champion for small business owners.

Our story is about the kind of risk that leads people to challenge conventional wisdom. To try something new. To explore, To find a better way. It is the risk that creates infinite possibilities in everyone’s lives.

But only if you have the courage to tap into it.

And that’s the heart of Hiscox. We believe in the positive power of risk. And we help people and businesses find more powerful ways to use it. We give them the freedom to reach their full potential.

Which is to say, we encourage courage. For our company. For our brokers. For our insureds. For ourselves.

A champion for small business owners


Over 500,000 small businesses protect their dreams with insurance from Hiscox. Protection from claims and lawsuits gives them the courage to take the right risks that help them grow.

Celebrating Courage


Visit our blog to watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read testimonials from courageous business owners who have been in your shoes and can inspire you to succeed.

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Encourage Courage

Small business insurance coverage protects your business from claims and lawsuits and helps you plan for the unexpected. Read More