Delaware Broker COVID-19 Guidance

The state of Delaware Executive Department issued the Twenty-Third Modification of the Declaration of a State of Emergency directing all insurance carriers to provide a 90-day payment plan for past due premiums to individual policyholders who demonstrate a loss of job/termination of employment due to the Covid-19 State of Emergency, or, if the policyholder is a business, the business demonstrates it was required to close or significantly reduce its business operations due to the Covid-19 State of Emergency.

Brokers with Delaware policyholders should:

  • Review the Executive Order with your legal counsel;
  • Communicate to your Delaware policyholders per your interpretation of these regulatory initiatives;
  • Where a qualifying Hiscox Delaware policyholder requests a payment period extension, then as the party that manages collections from that policyholder, make the required arrangements to collect delinquent payments per the regulatory requirements over a twelve-month period; and
  • Alert Hiscox of your extension arrangement with the policyholder via the link below. This will allow us to follow up with your appropriate contact to coordinate our collections expectations in tandem with those you have arranged with the policyholder.



Need Additional Help?

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