Why most IT consulting websites will fail in 2014

January 31, 2014

Learn how to allocate the bulk of your budget to efforts that get results.

Guest blogger Josh Feinberg from SP HomeRun provides small business tips for IT consultants.

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with my channel account manager about IT consulting websites. We were reviewing my findings from a recent Inbound Marketing Assessment and talking about why most IT consulting business owners obsess about their website’s appearance and completely neglect their website’s functional value.

Yes, aesthetics and branding matter to a certain degree.

But if you have an extremely limited annual marketing budget – say for example, $5,000 per year (or your local currency equivalent). And you spend nearly all of it on a website redesign, leaving nothing left for marketing your website, wow are you in for a rude awakening!

It’s kind of like hiring Barbie and Ken dolls to run your marketing team. Attractive to look at on the surface, but nothing going on upstairs. Or imagine you purchased a new-construction single family home from blueprints. After leaving the closing, you drive to the lot, open the front door, and are shocked to find it was just a facade – like a movie set. No walls. No floors. No ceiling. No roof. Just a one dimensional depiction of a home – that really can’t function as one. And that’s exactly what’s going on with most IT consulting websites…and why most will fail in 2014. So what should be on your must-have list?

Your website must be able to:

  • Attract strangers and turn them into targeted website visitors.
  • Convert website visitors into highly-qualified leads.
  • Transform leads into new clients.
  • Delight clients so they stick and become promoters.

So the cycle can lather, rinse, and repeat. Without these essential ingredients, your website will fail. Game over. Don’t use up your whole annual marketing budget on a pretty, but totally dysfunctional website design. Make sure you allocate the bulk of your budget to efforts that get results: traffic generation, lead generation, client generation, and ROI analysis. Joshua Feinberg is co-founder and CMO of SP Home Run Inc., an IT channel inbound marketing agency that helps find clients, retain clients, and grow by using proven inbound marketing systems. To learn more about how your IT consulting business can attract the right visitors to its website, convert visitors to leads, close sales with new clients, and delight clients for long-term retention, download your free copy of the IT Channel Inbound Marketing Planning Guide.