Webinar Recap: 8 Tips for Reducing Social Media Legal Risks

July 23, 2014

Social media use has become essential, but there are some legal risks you should be aware of.

The Hiscox Media and Entertainment Liability Insurance division recently hosted a webinar highlighting the legal risks associated with using social media. By now we’re sure you know the importance of using social media for business. And you’ve probably even started using several social media platforms. But have you thought about the implications associated with copyright and trademark infringement, contests and sweepstakes or even security risks?

Joanne Richardson, Hiscox Media and Entertainment Practice Leader, hosted the webinar. The video above features a recording of the social media legal risks webinar with advice from experts Jay Ward Brown, Managing Partner, and Shaina Jones Ward, Associate, at Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, LLP law firm.

Hiscox’s 8 Tips for Reducing Social Media Legal Risks are:

  1. Think before you post: defamation and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
  2. Think twice before sharing others’ content: copyright and trademark online.
  3. Think remotely: cloud computing issues and security risks.
  4. Protect your trade secrets: employees and disclosure of confidential information.
  5. Decide who owns what: control of social media accounts.
  6. Be prepared for discovery: electronic social media accounts.
  7. Advertise with care: marketing on social media.
  8. Beware the giveaway: Contests and sweepstakes.

Watch the video for a full recap of the webinar. You can also check out the just released Hiscox sponsored white paper about social media. Have you found yourself in a sticky situation with social media? Comment below on how you got yourself out of the situation.