Top 10 small businesses to start

October 03, 2014

Are you thinking of making a career change? Choosing your own small business to start is no easy task! With the right amount of research and luck, you can build a lasting venture.

Choosing the right type of small business to start is challenging, but here are some of the top industries for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

    1. Event Planning Party planning can take up a lot of time and resources, especially if you want the event to be memorable. Event planners step in and alleviate this burden, providing clients with equipment and organizational skills to prevent headaches and mistakes before they occur.
    2. IT Consultant The role of technology within the workplace has become much more prominent in the last few decades. As businesses grow, there is a larger need to keep backend technology running smoothly. IT consultants can be contracted out to businesses on an as needed basis, whether employees need help installing software or resolving problems in their system.
  1. Personal Improvement and Life Coaching For a generation focused on bettering itself, more and more people are turning to life coaches for problem solving in their careers and personal lives. Those passionate about helping others can thrive in this industry.
  2. App Development Mobile games aren’t the only types of apps on the market. With more and more technological resources becoming available, businesses are constantly looking to adopt the most efficient resources to educate on-the-go employees. B2B app development is an opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of this growing need.
  3. Personal Trainer There is a growing market of motivated people looking to become fit. While some may decide to buy a gym membership and create their own regimens, others prefer to have their workouts spelled out for them by a personal trainer. Personal trainers have the flexibility of visiting clients at home, as well as entering private contracts with fitness centers to teach health and fitness classes or do individual instruction with members.
  4. Graphic Designer Businesses are constantly looking to create user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing websites to appeal to potential consumers. However, not every business can afford to keep an in-house graphic designer, creating a great opportunity for external graphic design businesses to step in on a contract basis.
  5. Travelling Salon As aging baby boomers continue to move toward senior citizenship, there is a growing demand for senior services. Offering beauty and hair services to seniors who can’t or won’t take a trip to the salon is a unique way to provide these services to a growing clientele.
  6. Medical Transcription The startup cost for a medical transcription business is relatively low. All you need is a computer, medical dictionaries, and audio playback software to begin transcribing medical recordings for hospitals and clinics. With constant demand for transcribers to keep records up to date, this business should be relatively secure against any potential economic hardship.
  7. Bookkeeping Financial record keeping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and many businesses are keen to outsource this task to external bookkeeping businesses. Depending on your location and the level of work you’re qualified for, bookkeepers can begin with a minimal startup cost.
  8. Childcare Services Parents looking to get back into the workforce are always looking for childcare service providers they can trust. And while nannies are one solution, some parents prefer their children to be cared for in the presence of other kids. Offering parents the option of home daycare can fill this desire to have kids brought up in a fun social environment. Be sure to check with your state’s regulations and insurance requirements if you decide to start a daycare business.

After deciding which industry is right for you, make sure that you have professional liability insurance and general liability insurance before you start signing up clients and building your business. Tell us! Have you started or are you thinking of starting your own small business? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. Stay tuned for future posts about starting these small businesses.