Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

April 24, 2014

Highlight the benefits of being a small business owner to the youth in your life.

April is a month of many fun observances.  In addition to Earth Day and Financial Literacy Month, April is home to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – a day ripe with the potential for fun if ever there was one! Happening the fourth Thursday of every April since 1993, this day shines a spotlight on the importance of sharing what we do professionally with kids, exposing them to ideas and environments they don’t normally experience.  For small business owners this can be especially exciting, as children – their own, relatives, or others – get to see exactly what it is that “grown-ups” do all day.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you might feel like every day is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  Sure, if you have a child, or three, they may be regularly exposed to “professional you.”  But it’s likely not time spent explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing, or why you got into it, or how the money is actually made.  To make sure it’s fun consider taking this day off from working in earnest and sharing it with your child.  Find out what they want to know and answer them as well as you can.  And plan some simple yet lively activities to keep it engaging. If you don’t have kids you can still open a young person’s eyes to entrepreneurship.  A nephew, granddaughter or family friend might be a good candidate, or you can share the day with a youth enrolled in a community program. You know what you love about owning a small business and have at least a dozen good stories to share or tidbits of wisdom to pass on.  Make the fourth Thursday of each April a day for doing just that.