Steve Jobs: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

October 07, 2011

Steve Job’s passing has impacted a lot of people in different ways.  From the millions of people who own and use Apple products daily (myself included) to the competitors and Apple employees who admired him for his bold actions and his vision for new ways of delivering information that revolutionized the relationship we have with our computers, music players and phones, to name a few. One of the driving forces behind his success was his willingness to try new and different things.  While the iPod and the iPhone were revolutionary devices, there were many other Apple products that weren’t as well received, not to mention the ones we don’t even know about that never made it out of the trial stages. The lesson from Steve Jobs for entrepreneurs and people thinking of starting up their own businesses is not to fear failure, but to learn from both your successes and failures and keep trying until you get it right.  In fact, in a Hiscox small business survey:

38% of small business leaders said they had been part of a business that failed or suffered serious setbacks • 92% of them believed this experience helped them succeed in their current business. So, don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying.  As long as you learn from your missteps, you’re moving forward toward your dreams. Hunter Hoffmann Head of US Communications Hiscox