Starting a Small Business - What Does it Take To Turn a Hobby Into an Enterprise?

February 19, 2016

Starting a small business is never easy... even when it's something as fun as making small, delicious pies.

Hiscox is the lead sponsor of Slate’s ‘Working’ podcast, which seeks to find out what people do all day while they’re at work.  In the podcast's most recent episode, host Rachel Gross takes an in-depth, (if not delicious) look at Teeny Pies, a Washington DC based pie startup and Teeny Lamothe, the company’s inspired founder. Like many entrepreneurs, Lamothe didn’t always imagine herself as a small business owner.  Her entrepreneurial spark occurred when her hobby making pies for friends and family turned into something bigger than just a side project. So, what does it take turn a hobby into a thriving small business? In a word, courage. In her journey to starting Teeny Pies, Lamothe encountered all of the thorny obstacles and questions that all small business owners have when their tinkering their way to success. Overcoming each of these obstacles was not as easy as pie - it took hard work, dedication, and courage -- all of which are essential characteristics of entrepreneurs. Another key part of her journey was protecting her startup with small business insurance. To find out how Lamothe figured out pricing, regulations, scaling and hiring check out this episode of Working. It's a tasty listen. Have you turned a hobby into a small business? If so, we want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments section or email us at [email protected]