Starting a Small Business Takes Heart, Courage and Brains

June 27, 2012

Last week my children persuaded me to take them to go and see the musical, The Wizard of Oz.

With theatre ticket prices as they are, it’s always an expensive outing so I was delighted to extract some extra value from the experience from a business perspective. Those of you that are familiar with the Wizard of Oz will remember that there is a lion who craves courage, a scarecrow that craves a brain and a tin-man who craves a heart.

It struck me that these three things are often what sit behind a great business, and drive the people within the business to succeed:

Heart: This is the one that resonates most with me. A business leader with passion, energy and belief – with employees driven by their hearts not just wallets – provides a foundation for a business that money can’t buy. Is your heart in what you do, or not?

Courage: It takes guts to step out from the corporate world and go it alone. It’s your money at risk and when times are tough it can be a lonely place, but there’s something incredibly energising about having the courage and freedom to follow your passion and dreams.

Brains: Heart and courage alone can be dangerous, but combining with a clearly thought through plan – based on logical, clear thought – they can create a powerful mix.

I admire small business leaders who have the heart, courage and brains to take a solid idea and transform it into a winning business. The success of these ventures is totally down to the individuals involved, but I hope that current and aspiring entrepreneurs will find useful resources in our small business blog to help them achieve success in their business.