Starting and growing a part-time business from home

June 23, 2014

Guest blogger Charles (Anthony) Will shares how he became an entrepreneur by launching a part-time small business.

As owner of Harrisburg Home Inventory, I have the unique opportunity to work from home part-time in the evenings and on weekends pursuing my passion. My company specializes in documenting personal and commercial property through photography, video and the cataloging of possessions. As a part-time small business owner, I enjoy the benefits of full-time employment and the security of a paycheck. This has allowed me to cut the risk factor of starting a small business down tremendously. If you have a passion or a hobby you enjoy, consider taking it on as a part-time business. Depending on what you do, you can keep overhead costs to a minimum, ensuring the least amount of out-of-pocket and up-front expenses occur. I focus on keeping costs down. Often, the only overhead I have is  performing the actual service I offer. I've also found that getting a mentor who is a successful business owner, is also important as you’re launching your part-time business. Mentors serve as a great resource to help keep your business goals on track.

Additional steps you can take when starting your business include:

  • Run your business ideas past your spouse, significant other and friends to get their opinion.
  • Create a LinkedIn account, if you don’t already have one. Engage with your LinkedIn connections through email or by liking the content they share. There’s a wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn and many users are open to answering any questions you may have.
  • Your local SCORE mentor can help you decide what legal entity works best for you, how to write a business plan and refer you to local agencies for more assistance.
  • Check out your local Chamber of Commerce. There are business owners, executives and leaders from your community that are available to help you. If you’re a military vet like I am, there are additional resources to help veterans start a business.

Good luck on taking your passion and turning it into a viable small business. Charles (Anthony) Will is a part-time home based business owner with 25 years of service combined in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and a dual status federal technician. Anthony has served in Germany, Operation Desert Storm, Ft. Hood, Texas, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, Ft. Bliss, Texas and now currently at Ft. Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. He is also a proud father of three wonderful children and married to his wife Tammi Will for 13 Years. Contact Anthony by email at [email protected]. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn at