Start-up funding advice from Johannes Fruehauf

December 09, 2013

Investor Johannes Fruehauf shares why launching a business is never a straight path.

We continue our start-up funding advice series with insight from investor Johannes Fruehauf. Previously, we've highlighted business funding tips from venture capitalists Andrew Parker and Joe Caruso. Their advice focused on the need to have passion in order to be a successful business owner and the importance of mentors.

Johannes Freuhauf of BioInnovation, and the newly launched Lab Central accelerator for life sciences companies, shares his thoughts in the video above about how to secure business funding. He mentions that having more than just an idea, but a plan to commercialize that idea will go over well with investors. That’s exactly what he’s seeing start-ups do at Lab Central. Almost 100 scientists focus on launching and creating successful business models in the field of life sciences. Freuhauf goes on to mention that starting a business is never a straight path. Business owners will need to adapt to realities, critique their original business plan and much more to succeed. Watch Freuhauf’s interview for more insight on starting up. To see the full business funding advice series in one place, visit the Hiscox YouTube channel.