Small business owners are the perfect grill masters for your 4th of July BBQ

July 01, 2014

For the 4th of July holiday, consider having a small business owner take the helm of the BBQ grill.

Make sure you have the right person manning the grill at this year’s July 4th BBQ.  Small business owners have the right skills you need to make this holiday weekend perfect. Stocking the cupboards – Some people only want hamburgers, others only hotdogs. If you’re on the South Coast of Massachusetts with my family, you’ll also want to have delicious Portuguese sausages like Linguica and Chourico. But some guests will just fill up on the potato salad, chips and other sides.  Small business owners are used to stocking enough inventory for busy times to maximize potential sales without too much wastage.  And if there are kids at your BBQ, make sure to have plenty of ketchup.

Who’s the boss? – No matter how hard they try, no successful small business owner can do everything themselves.  Small business owners need to delegate for success – while someone is making the potato salad, someone else can pick up the drinks and the grill master can make sure there’s enough charcoal or gas to keep the grill going until everything is cooked.  If you don’t get the team to help, you’ve just turned the holiday into another work day. Happy customers – The customer is (almost) always right and nobody knows better than a small business owner how important it is to keep customers happy.  Some people want their burgers cooked until they’re like charcoal, others want cheeseburger’s medium, and others only eat their sausages with grilled onions and peppers.  To get everything right you need to understand what each customer wants ahead of time.  That way you can deliver what you promised and create satisfied customers, a specialty of something successful small business owners. Keeping on schedule – You want the drinks cold and all the food ready at the same time, from the salad and chips to the hot dogs and burgers.  The small business grill master coordinates effectively with their BBQ partners to make sure everyone is on the same schedule.  They already do this every day to keep their business running and their customers happy. Get the right person in charge and everybody will be happy, satisfied, ready to celebrate our independence and enjoy the fireworks.