Small Business Marketing– 4 Champions of Digital Engagement and Why They Get it Right

December 03, 2015

Executing  effective small business marketing takes time and is not an easy task, especially if you’re a small or new business. Having a positive, strong brand is imperative to grow your business and increase engagement. Small businesses already have enough obstacles to overcome, and having a strategic digital branding plan can only help with the overall success of your business. There are different key outlets that can be utilized to really optimize your digital presence for the better, and some small businesses have managed to nail these tactics.

Take a look at four small businesses that get these digital branding tactics and how you can implement some of these strategies into your own plans:

Uber – Engagement

Uber has quickly become one of the most popular apps of 2015 among young people everywhere and it single handedly has to do with how their business was marketed. A small taxi replacement company has exploded into a national business and they can thank one tactic: referral/word of mouth.

Each Uber user gets their own referral code to hand out to new users. Once the new user downloads the Uber app and puts the referral code in, they will receive a $15 credit towards their first ride. In return, the “code giver” will also receive a $15 dollar credit. It’s a win-win. Uber gets new custom   ers and users get free money!

Nooma – Content

If there is one aspect of digital marketing that is extremely important, it’s good content. Having a good content strategy helps with SEO and audience engagement. Content isn’t just words, it can include images or videos as well.  NOOMA sports drinks tops the chart with their content. This up-and-coming sports drink company is all natural with no acid or good content preservatives in their products. The NOOMA website is filled with content strategy that is  useful to their readers. The words are also broken up by easy-to-read graphics. On top of this, there is also a company blog that provides fun, healthy recipes to the readers.  

LeafFilter Racing – Audience Outreach

Every company has their target audience and reach, but it’s impressive when a company can take that reach and expand it to unconventional sources, and Leaf Filter does just that! LeafFilter is a gutter protection company and recently became the primary sponsor of NASCAR driver Blake Koch in order to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Their digital marketing tactics include weekly YouTube videos, a strong social media presence and a weekly blog series. Not only is this company increasing brand engagement with their current customers, but they are also outreaching to a whole new audience!

Mae’s Beer – Social Media Tactics

Having a strong social media presence is imperative for customer engagement. It plays a huge part in increasing your digital presence if it’s done correctly. You need to engage with followers and have your followers do the same. Social media is the place where your brand can let loose a little bit and have fun! Mae’s Beer did just that! They offered a free barrel of beer to everyone with the last name of “Maes” on Facebook. The catch? They people had to share the beer with 20 of their closest friends and family. The results were crazy! More than 7,000 people changed their last names on Facebook. The company received over 75,000 new Facebook likes in a day. Within a six-week period, they received 500,000 visits to their page.

Whether a company is big or small, successful companies have one thing in common, strong marketing. They find ways to make themselves stand out and engage with customers. Thinking outside the box and taking the time to.