Shape Up Your Personal Training Business With Liability Insurance

July 17, 2015

Whether you’re helping a client master their first chin-up, or preparing them for the rigours of their first Tough Mudder competition, your job as a personal trainer is to help your clients get and stay healthy.  While you’re guiding your clients on perfect form, you should also make sure that your business is fit enough to deal with a potential catastrophe. Liability insurance for personal trainers can help protect trainers against risks at work. Mistakes can be made, and in our increasingly litigious society, you can easily be sued. Without protection, a lawsuit can be financially devastating to a personal trainer’s small business, even if it is found to be baseless. Professional liability insurance makes sure you are protected with expert representation and a financial safety net in the event of a work-related  claim or suit.

Why do Personal Trainers Need Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance for personal trainers, also called errors and omissions (or E&O coverage), protects personal trainers from the risk of serious legal consequences stemming from professional mistakes. Professional liability insurance can cover the cost of defending yourself against a claim by a client, as well as any settlement or judgement, and it can protect you even if a suit is brought months or years after an incident occurs.

How does Professional Liability Insurance Protect Personal Trainers?

Consider this scenario. You are working with a client who wants Schwarzenegger-like biceps and triceps. At the client’s request, you continue to make his workout more and more strenuous. The client suffers an exacerbation of an old injury that you were unaware of, and sues you. Your personal training insurance policy could cover your legal costs and any settlement or damages awarded, up to your policy limits, even if you did nothing wrong.

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Other professionals wouldn't dare practice without the proper insurance coverage, and as a personal trainer, neither should you. Get an insurance quote online today for personal trainer insurance or contact one of our advisers directly with any questions you might have. Are you a personal trainer? Tell us – what challenges have you faced as a personal trainer that you've needed coverage for  in our comments section!