San Diego Entrepreneur Day showcases small businesses

October 07, 2013

San Diego Entrepreneur Day is focused on helping to launch at least 500 entrepreneurial concepts and small businesses in the San Diego region.

This year, Hiscox served as the title sponsor for San Diego Entrepreneur Day. The annual event spans over two-days and showcases entrepreneurs in the San Diego area, promotes entrepreneurship to those desiring to become business owners and provides a wealth of knowledge and tools on growing a successful business. As providers of small business insurance,  it was refreshing to meet entrepreneurs face-to-face to share how Hiscox can help manage their business risks and showcase the business tips shared on the Hiscox Small Business blog.

San Diego is a hotbed for entrepreneurship. And everyone had a different story as to why they launched their business. Many valued the freedom and flexibility of being a business owner while others stumbled across a great idea they knew would change the lives of those who used it, such as FoneFill, which provides cell phone charging solutions for patrons of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. The variety of reasons that small business owners launched companies was not surprising. In the 5th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey, business owners shared their thoughts about the benefits of working in a small business verses a large company. Many of the responses that San Diego entrepreneurs gave were similar. Attendees also shared their business insight during the Hiscox interview series, which asked them to share their secrets of success and some of the biggest business risks they’ve taken. Visit the blog over the next couple of weeks to see the insight from other small business owners. The video above highlights the kick off of San Diego Entrepreneur Day. If you were in attendance, also check out the photo album from the event and tag your self.