Reach for the stars with Facebook’s new review style

January 23, 2014

Guest blogger Amy Swanson of Quality Logo Products shares how Facebook’s reviews can benefit your small business.

It wouldn't be a New Year without companies noticing a new Facebook change for their brand’s page. What’s the latest alteration to this popular social media darling? Starred reviews are going to be your best friend for helping you stand out from your competition. Now, I’m sure there are lots of questions running through your head that we’ll address so you’ll be able to outwit your competitors. First of all, where are these starred reviews on your brand’s page? Are they along the side and easy to ignore and easy for visitors to your page to overlook? Nope, they are predominantly placed under your company’s name for all to see. There is zero chance people will check out your name without noticing the stars (or lack thereof) your company has received.

That brings us to the next point, how do you receive stars?  Currently visitors to your page, whether on their desktop or on their mobile device, can give you a star rating based on anything. The average of these individual starred reviews visitors leave on your page determines the numbers of blue stars under your company’s name. Of course, nothing is 100% foolproof. The trouble with this system is that visitors can rate you on literally anything. You could receive a five star rating from one customer because of your excellent customer service, whereas someone else could agree with your excellent customer service but give you a two star rating because your website is difficult to maneuver. Pay attention to what they’re saying if they leave a comment with their starred review. If you’re thinking that since you don’t allow for people to comment on your page that you have nothing to worry about, think again. Your results will be skewed if your page doesn’t allow for people to write on your Timeline. You want customers to communicate with you so let them say “hey!” on your wall and they’ll be a lot more willing to write an awesome review for you. Asking yourself why you should care about this is like asking why you should care what the reviews on Yelp or Google+ Local say. Potential customers will visit your Facebook page and if they see your two star rating while your competitor has a four star rating, guess which one they’ll choose. This will work to your advantage though because it can give your company yet another avenue to shine! If you’re ready to tackle this new change, and want to get a five star rating, then take notes! Update regularly so customers know you’re active and listening: Nobody wants to leave a review where nobody is going to ever see it. The days of just posting a “Good morning, glad it’s Friday” status every week or two isn't going to cut it any longer. Engage your customers so they’ll be more inclined to leave a stellar five star rating! Use these tips to save time with social media. Do. Not. Post. Fake. Reviews: It’s incredibly unethical to skew your ratings by having employees leave all five-star, positive ratings to get a higher average star rating. It didn’t end up well for McMillan Law Group in San Diego, CA and it won’t end up well for you. As with life, you have to take the good with the bad. Learn from what that two star rating is saying so the next customer who reviews you leaves a five star one. Focus on the Positive: Now users will begin to see businesses rated by their friends appear in their personal Facebook Newsfeed. Now Susan will be able to see Jen’s five star review of that restaurant she’s been meaning to try. This is great news for business owners because it gives potential customers the ability to discover new businesses they wouldn't be exposed to otherwise. Nothing wrong with that, right? Not every change Facebook has made or will make in the future is going to be a home run, but for now their starred review feature will help your business stand out from your competition. Don’t run away and hide, embrace the change and let it show potential customers that you are clearly the only choice! Amy Swanson is a part of the marketing/content department at Quality Logo Products and regularly contributes to their promotional products blog ( She is a self-professed advertising nerd, business buff, and Pinterest addict.