Points of Courage Episode 3: Dipesh Patel of Solvegy

May 25, 2016


Hiscox customer and IT entrepreneur Dipesh Patel

It takes courage to leave a comfortable job and strike out on your own. For IT consultant Dipesh Patel, the decision to start a his own consulting firm happened after he noticed a persistent gap in expertise among the national consulting firms where he’d built his career. Dipesh noticed that while some firms were experts in strategy and others were experts at building software, none were particularly skilled at doing both simultaneously. For Dipesh, this gap was an opening to blend both practices at his own firm, Solvegy. Dipesh is featured in episode 3 of Points of Courage, a podcast partnership between Slate and Hiscox. Points of Courage is designed to share how entrepreneurs find strength in the challenge of entrepreneurship.

About Dipesh Patel

Dipesh Patel has done what most people dream of doing but few actually do: Quit their day job to start their own business. He scratched that insatiable entrepreneurial itch to successfully launch his own technology consulting firm.

About Episode 3

Click below to check out episode three and learn how Dipesh went from an introverted programmer to a thriving serial entrepreneur who thrives on action. In this episode, he speaks about providing solutions for an industry the world relies on, the courage it took to get to where he is today, and why his favorite hashtag is #dosomething.