Points of Courage Episode 2: A Startup to End Workplace Bullying

May 25, 2016

Check out Episode 1 of Points of Courage here.

Catherine Mattice, Hiscox customer and founder of “Civility Partners”
Catherine Mattice, Hiscox customer and founder of “Civility Partners”

 It takes courage to start a small business. It takes even more courage when your startup is designed to target a common fear – bullying. That’s exactly what Hiscox customer Catherine Mattice did when she founded Civility Partners, an HR consulting firm dedicated to ending workplace bullying. Catherine is featured in episode 2 of Points of Courage, a podcast partnership between Slate and Hiscox designed to share how entrepreneurs find strength in the challenge of entrepreneurship.


About Catherine Mattice

While serving as the Director of Human Resources for a nonprofit organization, Catherine found herself working with a bully. Fascinated by the fact that no one ever stood up to this person, and that the Executive Director wouldn’t dare address the bullying behavior, Catherine decided to write a paper on toxic leadership for one of her grad school classes. It was then that she discovered the phrase “workplace bullying” and that there were 30 years of academic research on the topic. Thrilled to learn she wasn’t the only one experiencing this issue, Catherine spent the rest of grad school focused on workplace bullying. Her Master’s Thesis was even on the topic, and she dedicated her 130 page paper to “The Post-It Nazi,” which is what the office called the bully. Since then, Catherine has gone on to help create positive work environments with some of the world's most recognizable brands including Chevron, American Red Cross, the U.S. Navy, and Kaiser Permanente.

About Episode 2

Click below to check out episode two and learn how Catherine’s journey from a receptionist as a startup to HR director showed her she could conquer any challenge – even starting her own business. In the episode Catherine opens up about the financial and emotional importance of ending workplace abuse, and the courage it took to start her company. She also offers advice other aspiring entrepreneurs should hear.


Hiscox and Encourage Courage

oints of Courage adds to Hiscox’s award winning Encourage Courage brand platform, which was launched in 2014. Since then, the company has partnered with Forbes to release  The American Courage Index, a national study on the courage of US entrepreneurs.  In 2015, Hiscox also announced a multi-city brand activation partnership with Tough Mudder and a six part docu-series, Courageous Leaders, featuring top young entrepreneurs including Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare.

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