One piece of marketing advice every IT consultant can use

April 16, 2014

Learn how vanity URLS can be a simple, yet impactful way, to make your IT consulting firm stand out.

As an IT consultant you’re no doubt familiar with vanity URLs – perhaps painfully so, due to past client demands.  Just in case you’re not though, a vanity URL is a custom URL that makes it easier for people to remember and find your website, or specific sub-pages.  Vanity URLs should be easy to remember and share. This ease of remembering and sharing is why vanity URLs can be a marketing boon to IT consultants.  With so many consultants in the IT space it can be hard to differentiate your service.  Focusing on your IT consultant unique value proposition in sales collateral and marketing content helps build differentiation, but at that first interaction between your consulting firm and the potential client, you need more.  You need something memorable that grabs them because they can relate to it.

Let’s say you run into an old college pal in the supermarket, or you sit next to your uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, or a colleague invites you to a networking soiree.  At each of these events people are going to want to know what your business is about and a vanity URL makes this easier. Of these two URLs, which do you find to be easier to remember: or  Even when you can’t get the apostrophe of “Boston’s” in there, it’s much easier to remember.  Of course you should have the first one, but owning and using the second gives you a marketing leg up. A vanity URL doesn’t need to replace your main URL, you can adopt vanities for individual marketing campaigns.  DO this and you get to capitalize on a vanity URL’s potential marketing power *and* get strong statistics on traffic origination and site performance vis-à-vis your primary site.  That stuff is marketing data every single business can use to better target clients. And make sure you’ve grabbed your vanity URLs on your social media outlets as well.  Facebook, LinkedIn and others all give you the option of branding your IT consultancy on their platforms, making it easier for others to remember and for you to fit on a business card or in an e-mail signature.