A Note on Helping Clients Overcome Obstacles

September 02, 2015

Success is a group effort.  Even when you’re building your business on your own, you need support from friends, family, partners and others to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.  At Hiscox, we take great pride in being true partners with our clients.  Hiscox clients know that we’ll always be there to help them keep their business protected and lend a helping hand when they need it the most.  It’s especially great when we can support a client who is dedicated to helping others in a new way. The Hiscox partnership with Tough Mudder has taught us a lot about the parallels between the courage to start and run a business, and the courage to conquer a difficult course, supported by the rest of the Mudders.  This past weekend everything came together when we were able to support Hiscox personal trainer client AJ Perez with a discounted registration as he conquered the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder course.  AJ helps people in Washington, DC accomplish their fitness goals and get in shape and we were excited to help him run his 9th Tough Mudder this weekend.  We were also incredibly impressed that he completed 3 laps of the challenging course, one’s usually enough for most people. Thanks for being a great client, AJ.  Are you going to go for 4 laps on your next Tough Mudder? #toughmudderpittsburgh

Here's how AJ looked after the race:

AJ Perez