Not another fruitcake! Creative holiday gifts your small business can be proud of

November 24, 2014

How will you recognize your clients this holiday season? We've put together a list of ideas to kick off your brainstorming process.

This holiday season we’re helping you celebrate with a bevy of useful ideas. We've shared ideas for showing staff some holiday-time appreciation gifts and marketing your small business already. Now we turn our attention to your customers – the lifeblood of all successful entrepreneurial ventures. You can use these niceties to make sure that clients know you understand their importance and show just how much you value them – not one motivational poster among them.

Subscriptions These are great because you can buy them anytime – even at the very, very last minute – and your client gets a monthly or quarterly reminder of your business. Once upon a time the Fruit of the Month Club was your only option for subscription gifts, but today options range from bacon of the month clubs to monthly makeup deliveries customized to your client’s preferences to once-a-month deliveries of pet products. There are even high-end options, like a custom engraved set of Cutco cutlery that grows piece by piece for 18 months until your client has a complete set of quality knives and their wooden block home. And of course there are magazine subscriptions, which can be very helpful to clients if the publication is about their industry or a hobby they’re passionate about. Hand-made gifts No, not macaroni art that spells out “Thank you” or homemade trash bag wreaths. And for many businesses this may not be the best way to go. But for creative agencies, architects and pet sitters, a hand-made gift during the holidays can be the perfect idea. Creative professionals can turn an empty soda bottle, a few colored pencils, and some printed pages into a mail-able container of afternoon fun. Architects can put together a look-book of a project, giving the client a way to remember the construction process, bonus points because the book will serve as a advertisement for the firm every time someone thumbs through it. And pet sitters can make dog and cat treats, package them with a toy or two and viola – the perfect client gift. Experiences Give the gift of fun memories with an experience or event. Taking clients skeet shooting, manatee watching or to a football bowl game shows you’re thinking about them and also provides a good chunk of time to spend with your client, building camaraderie and getting to know each other better. You can also do a group outing for several clients, which lets you introduce clients to one another and expand everyone’s networking base. We bet your gift-giving creativity is in high gear now and you’re ready to organize your own customer appreciation gifts. And if you’re not feeling all that creative remember: there’s still that faithful standby, the fruit basket. Who doesn’t like sweet, juicy fruity as a winter pick-me-up? What type of gifts will you purchase for your clients this year? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below to share your insight.