MyStartupStory: Jody Arwood, Founder of Within Arm's Reach

November 04, 2011


Jody Arwood's work with autistic children encouraged her to take the leap in starting her own business. Her "ah-ha" moment was when she realized the healing power of the human touch, and decided to start her own massage and bodywork therapy business called Within Arm's Reach. Unfortunately, Jody- like many small business owners- was not prepared to launch her business immediately. She worked at multiple spas to increase her knowledge base and save money for her startup. In this time, Jody worked to build a clientelle to prepare for the launch of Within Arm's Reach. Have a compelling startup story? Share it with us by Monday, November 7th, to be a part of the Hiscox #MyStartupStory Contest! All it takes is a simple video entry for a chance at $10,000.