More Tips on How to Effectively Build & Manage a Virtual Team

May 08, 2013

Effectively manage your small business virtual team by providing challenges and giving them complete trust.

Jason Corgiat, founder of LeapGo, Inc., a leading professional website development company, shares additional tips on managing virtual teams.

Last week, guest blogger Jason Corgiat of LeapGo, Inc. shared a couple of tips on how to build and manage a virtual team. This week, Jason shares tips on how to affectively ensure your virtual team is staying on top of the ball. Here are two more tips to add to your management arsenal.  

Challenge them constantly Way too often, virtual employees are hired, assigned some recurring tasks and then forgotten.  Like any employee they should be given opportunities to grow, learn and even fail.  Instead of putting them on autopilot, give them new tasks, ask their opinion, and listen and respond to their feedback.   By challenging employees to learn and grow with your small business needs, you make them a strong part of your team rather than observers watching from the sidelines.


Earn trust by giving responsibility You can’t watch over the shoulder of a virtual employee (not that you should with any employee). But this idea of having less control is even more pronounced in the virtual world where you need to put complete trust in them to do their job.  Let them know you hold virtual employees accountable for their work.  Make sure they understand overall project goals and strategies, set clear expectations and deadlines, and give them opportunities to make decisions.  Then let them do their job and be responsible for their success.  If they treat every project like it’s their own, they’ll deliver the best results possible.

Remember, virtual team members are not fleeting laborers or faceless nobodies, they are people just like you and I.  Treat them as such.  Take advantage of all the benefits of having a remote team and change or adapt to overcome all the struggles. If clients or prospects ask don’t shy away from the fact that you have a virtual team or team member. Be proud of it!  If done right you’ll have a team of rock stars that love the freedom and ownership of being remote, but still feel like they’re an important part of something bigger.