Meet June’s Refer A Friend Winner

July 19, 2013

Tyler Cormney, MBA consultant, small business owner, and Hiscox customer, referred a friend to Hiscox Insurance to enter our June drawing. Today he is the proud owner of a $500 Amazon gift card and a feature article on the Hiscox Small Business Blog.

Each month, a randomly selected participant in Hiscox’s Refer A Friend program will win a $500 gift card to Amazon, Apple or Starbucks. June’s lucky winner is Tyler Cormney of Cormney Consulting, LLC. Tyler was attracted by Hiscox’s extremely positive reviews online, effective design and customized quoting process. “It asked me pertinent questions about my business, answered my questions about insurance options and led me to the best insurance solution,” recalls Tyler about his quoting experience. Cormney was so pleased with his service that he recommended Hiscox to a small business owner friend. You could be our next winner! Learn more and sign-up for the Hiscox refer a friend program! Cormey Consulting Tyler Cormney, of Cormney Consulting, LLC, is an MBA admissions consultant. In basic terms, he helps his clients put their best foot forward on their written MBA application and admissions interviews to increase the likelihood that they will be accepted to a top tier business school. Most people are astonished that such a profession like Tyler’s exists, but the truth is that there is a strong need for what he does – less than 20% of those who apply are accepted for a top twenty business school. Tyler Cormney is happy to report that over 90% of his clients were accepted into one of their top three schools. Tyler Cormney has had great success at doing what he does since he started his consulting business in 2006. In addition to coaching thousands of MBA applicants, he has also co-authored How To Apply for an MBA and co-founded the MBA Prep School, a pioneering website for MBA applicants.

Tyler Cormney didn’t become the success he is today over night, he was patient and resilient. According to Cormney, patience is the most important trait any small business owner can have because everything takes about five times longer than you think it will. Cormney’s advice to small business owners is, “You have to be resilient because you will be tested by failure many times before you achieve success. I view failure as earned wisdom.” Connect with Cormney Consulting online:

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