Massage Therapists Should Consider Liability Insurance to Protect their Business

December 24, 2012

A massage therapist is a trained professional, whose expert hands can help relieve injuries and release all of a client’s stresses and strains. Being hands on, however, comes with higher risks.

Like all professional services businesses, having the right small business insurance is important if you want to avoid getting hit by a lawsuit that may leave you bent out of shape. An all-over massage brings you into extremely close contact with clients, which can leave you vulnerable to allegations of excessive intimacy. The nightmare scenario is that one of your female clients accuses you of touching her inappropriately. You know she is wrong and has completely overreacted but you’re also aware of how damaging her claims can be. Such an allegation could leave your professional reputation in tatters and thus ruin your livelihood. Professional liability insurance covers you against claims for sexual misconduct up to $200,000 in most states. Even if you did nothing wrong, your policy will provide for you to hire an attorney to defend your business.

Other situations can also be harmful for you. For example, a man in his 50s books a session with you to help relieve his tennis elbow. He grimaces throughout the deep-tissue massage you give him and eventually asks you to stop because he’s in a lot of discomfort. The next week you receive a letter from his attorney alleging you caused his client a tendon injury that requires surgery. He wants you to pay his medical expenses and to compensate him for his lost earnings. But if you have professional liability insurance you can relax, because your policy would protect you against his claim. Or let’s say you’re a mobile masseur who visits people in their homes. While one of your clients is getting dressed after his session he leans too heavily on your mobile massage table and tips it over, falling on top of it. You drive him to the Emergency Room, where an X ray reveals he has cracked two of his ribs. If you’d purchased massage therapist insurance then you may be covered against your client’s resulting claim for bodily injury and the cost of his medical treatment. So for any massage therapist who wants to stay relaxed, having the right liability insurance really is the ultimate stress buster.