How KTech Grew From an Idea to a Business

March 17, 2015

Bobby Kneisel was working as a systems administrator for a large corporation when he noticed that a lot of the people he knew who owned or worked for small businesses were lacking the IT help they needed. After lending a hand to a few small businesses who needed help, he realized this was something he could build a business around. KTech launched in 2011 while Bobby was still working a full time job, working nights and weekends as he proved the concept with his first few clients.  By 2013, KTech was big enough for him to leave his job and concentrate on the business full time. KTech was not only able to provide small businesses with affordable IT support, they also implemented a work and billing system that made more sense for them and their clients. "We initially started as just time and materials, but after about a year, the managed services model was something I thought would be the best value for our clients because the customer's cost fluctuated a lot, " said Bobby Kneisel, President of KTech.  "Our entire focus since inception is to provide the absolute best possible service to our clients and a big part of that is making sure that we keep costs predictable. At the end of the day, what sets us apart is our dedication to providing the best service, highest uptime and highest customer satisfaction in our market."


Bobby Kneisel CEO

KTech Solutions

KTech is a success and Bobby, his wife and their clients are happy with the company's progress over the past 4 years and Hiscox is happy to have them as clients. Here's feedback from just one happy client: KTech Solutions, LLC has been the IT provider for Prescription Hope, Inc. for over 3 years.  As a national advocacy program in the pharmaceutical field, it is important that their IT systems are secure and always running properly.  KTech Solutions has made this possible for Prescription Hope.

About KTech Solutions

KTech Solutions, LLC is a IT Managed Service Provider for small to medium sized businesses. We partner with our clients to ensure that their technology solutions are stable, reliable, scalable, and headache free. We provide full support for servers, workstations, laptops, networks, and all the technology in between. In addition, we for our fully managed clients we provide Virtual CIO services. We meet with our client's quarterly to discuss the company's goals, the current performance of their technology, and plan for the future. We also provide them with a disaster recovery plan, capacity planning, and replacement cycle planning. All in all we are a full service IT company, the only things we don't do are run cable and write code, but we have partners we work with for that too.