How to keep your business and employees safe and protected in a disaster

January 06, 2014

Be prepared for the next storm.

Have a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be very detailed, but it should cover what is crucial to keeping your small business running. If you have to evacuate your office, or employees aren’t able to make it in, make sure your staff can log on to the office IT network remotely and securely to minimize downtime. Files should be stored in shared folders on the network so all employees can access them if some employees are without power and unable to work.

Check with your vendors. It’s not just your staff or office that you need to worry about, you can also be impacted if one of the offices of your vendors are damaged and your supply chain is broken   Check in with your key vendors before a storm if you can and make contingency plans to use alternative suppliers if they’re hit by the storm and aren’t able to make the deliveries or shipments you have scheduled.  This will be a lot easier before potential power outages, floods and damaged infrastructure have everyone scrambling to get their operations back up and running. Do an inventory. Inventory your assets and IT equipment ahead of time.  Take pictures of key items that you can then pair with the after photos if anything gets damaged.  In case of a big storm, you’ll be busy making sure your staff is safe and putting your disaster recovery plan and remote work policy in place, you don’t want to be stuck trying to figure our how many laptops or servers you had.  And needless to say, you don’t want to be unprotected.  A general liability business insurance policy can help you recover lots time and equipment if there’s a storm.