How did you choose your company name?

November 18, 2013

Your company name stays with you forever. Here are some unique ways that small business owners chose their company names.

Choosing a company name can be one of the most important aspects of going into business. Your company name stays with you forever and it’s the cornerstone for building a professional brand. The impact of your business name is so critical that the Entrepreneur Magazine website has a dedicated section with helpful tips.

Some business owners go the route of naming their company after themselves. This was the case  for Gene Marks of the Marks Group PC, a ten-person firm that provides sales and marketing technology and consulting services to businesses. Others take a more unique route of naming their businesses. Think of Google, Ikea and Skype. These unique company names are so out of the box, that there weren't any similar names already on the market.

The video above has business owners at the annual San Diego Entrepreneur Day discussing how they chose their company name. Some entrepreneurs focused on a name that was fun and easy to remember. Others chose names that had a personal meaning for them. One business owner credits the naming of their company, Global Reach Marketing, to a Fortune 500 brand that randomly provided a suggestion.

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