How can I incorporate video as part of my small business marketing plan?

December 16, 2014

Marketing is one of the many critical functions of small business operations. Even if the majority of your customers come to you via word of mouth, or your service-based business has a high rate of repeat clients, most small businesses do some marketing – a Facebook page update here, a blog post there or some strategic signage around town. Whether your growing business has a formalized marketing plan or takes a more casual approach, using video marketing can be an effective way to step up your marketing game.   One of the biggest benefits to using video in small business marketing is that you can easily integrate video with your existing program.  You can plug videos into whatever marketing and make those campaigns work even harder for you. Here are a few examples:  

  • If you blog, make a video version of your next entry. Add it to your blog page, but also post it to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. The keywords you choose in describing the video can help your video turn up in user searches and enhance your site’s SEO. Almost all of the other major social media networks have video posting capabilities, too.


  • If your store has TV or monitor displays, add some short self-produced videos into the rotation. In them you can answer common questions you get about using products, give an overview of how your services work, or even run video testimonials from customers.


  • If you do email marketing, try adding videos to the mix. Use the email to announce the video’s topic and a few reasons why someone should watch, load in a screen shot of the video, and have the email link to the video on your website/blog/YouTube channel.

  As you get comfortable with these techniques other ideas will naturally arise, helping you get even more traction on your video marketing efforts. Be sure to stop back by and add your ideas in the comments!