Hiscox Small Business Corner: Triveni IT

November 15, 2013

Technology business owners Srujal Shah and Jwalit Shah of Triveni IT, share how they launched their company.

We recently launched the Hiscox Small Business Corner to highlight business owners and the companies they lead. Our previous business owner features have included 8 Path Solutions, which uses data to help companies create innovative strategies and Wundebar Media, a company that helps European organizations immerse themselves in the American culture and vice versa.

Today, we’re excited to profile Triveni IT. Founded by Srujal Shah and Jwalit Shah, Triveni offers website and application development services and online marketing consultation. The company launched when Srujal and Jwalit decided to turn their hobby of building websites into a full-fledge business.

What is the background of the Triveni founders?

Our backgrounds are in programming and development. After graduating from college in 2004, we were building web applications and e-commerce sites as a hobby. We also helped out the businesses of friends and family by providing IT development and technology infrastructure.

What encouraged Triveni to become a full-fledged business?

In 2009,  we were approached by one of the largest tobacco distributors in New Jersey to help them out with re-building its warehouse inventory management system. The challenge was to build a robust system, which could handle large transaction volumes. Along with one of our college friends, we started building the application from the ground up and worked part-time after work and on weekends while continuing our full-time jobs.

The system launched in 2010 and was a success. What originally started as a learning experience and part-time hobby suddenly became a business venture. We hired graduates fresh out of college and interns to provide IT support for our clients. We continued to work around the clock on projects.

We quit our full-time jobs in April 2011 to focus on Triveni IT. Over the last two years, our company has grown to over 20 employees and provides IT consulting services for mid to large sized businesses. Our clients include established media agencies, financial institutions and companies within the logistics industry.

What advice would you share with other business owners?

Our advice for business owners is to be passionate about their business and build a long-term relationship with customers. Entrepreneurs should always give their best effort and align their success with their customers. They should also understand that it's always about providing value to customers.

Our customers count on us to leverage technology to drive their business. Our goal is to make sure we give our clients what they expect from us.

What is your secret to success?

We attribute the success of our business to several factors. One of the key drivers has been our ability to constantly network and collaborate with partners. Networking opens opportunities that you might not have otherwise been exposed to.  The other key factors are having a sound strategy, managing and nurturing our team, having efficient operations and most importantly, our strong customer relationships. Additionally, we focus on giving back by continuing to work with start-ups and helping them make their ideas a reality.

We strive to ensure that we keep our customers ahead of the curve by utilizing modern technologies in web and mobile. We use agile methodologies and continuous feedback to improve our products and development processes.

For more information about Triveni IT, visit http://www.triveniit.com or email or call the company directly at [email protected] or 1(855) 558-8458.