Hiscox Small Business Corner: Solvegy

April 02, 2014

Experienced IT consultant Dipesh Patel went from working for Fortune 500 companies to launching a technology consulting firm dedicated to fostering life-long relationships with its clients.

We’re featuring Solvegy in this installment of the Hiscox Small Business Corner, a series highlighting Hiscox customers. Based in Washington, D.C., Solvegy is a management and technology consulting firm that helps businesses with their technology needs.

The firm was founded by Dipesh Patel who has over 14 years of experience in the technology and management consulting fields. Patel’s experience includes a background in telecommunications, financial services and other industries.

Read below for Patel’s insight on why he turned his passion for technology into a business.

Tell us more about Solvegy?

Solvegy is a technology consulting firm that helps organizations realize strategic technology visions. Solvegy's services include: Technology Vision Articulation, Program and Project Integration and Digital Solutions. At Solvegy, we believe that technology solutions must complement an organization’s vision instead of driving its decision-making.

Too often, organizations dive into an information technology stopgap without taking a step back to consider how the solution supports their strategic vision. Solvegy views each engagement through a holistic and integrated lens. We focus on the full program life-cycle from strategic planning to design and implementation, while evaluating how each solution affects the organization’s operations and business units. By starting at the strategic level, Solvegy helps businesses evaluate the necessity of a technology solution, assess the benefits and trade-offs of various investment options and choose the alternative that best supports the organization’s strategic plan.

What encouraged you to become a business owner?

The idea of building something from the ground up based on my passion for technology and the values I cherish has always been a dream.  Many of my experiences over the course of life and career have led to the launch of Solvegy to help organizations with their most interesting technology needs. Specifically, my 14 years of experience in technology and management consulting with some leading firms, a great personal and professional support system and a strong desire to create a life of greater impact. All of these provided me with the drive to create a world-class consultancy.

What advice would you share with other business owners?

It’s easy for small business owners to get lost in the trees and lose sight of the forest. Too often, entrepreneurs become completely engrossed in the next sale, the next marketing campaign, the next project, the next hire, etc.  Periodically setting aside some time to focus on long-term strategic planning for your small business and the big picture will allow you to more effectively assess the state of your business, identify any potential issues and ultimately create a thriving business.

I also believe that for all professionals, and especially business owners, seeking and nurturing relationships with mentors and advisors that you trust is incredibly valuable.  These trusted individuals can not only provide you with the confidence you need to take the next step, but they can also identify potential obstacles or issues you may have missed.

What is your secret to success?

Excellent service and quality work product are an integral part of success for any business, especially a consultancy like Solvegy.  However, we would not be in existence without our amazing clients and their willingness to trust us with their most critical initiatives.  At Solvegy, we have several programs in place to earn and foster the trust our clients place in us to provide quality services.  One example of how we continue to provide excellent service to our clients is by soliciting constant feedback and promptly acting to improve the services we provide.

Our core values also drive our success.  For example, one of our core values is relationships, and we consciously focus on growing relationships over the long-term, not just for one project or engagement. Considering the strategic impact of every decision we make on the clients’ long-term needs, has allowed us to provide services that our clients trust.

For more information about Solvegy’s management and IT consulting firm, visit www.solvegy.com or contact the company at [email protected]. You can also follow Solvegy on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/SolvegyInc.