The Hiscox Reactor: See how your actions impact your small business

October 17, 2013

Watch a customized virtual experience of your career journey.


We’re excited to launch the Hiscox Reactor, an online experience that takes you through a personalized virtual career journey, all powered by the details of your LinkedIn profile.

The Hiscox Reactor becomes a digital storybook, shedding light on what may happen in the future, based on your past decisions. Every action has a reaction. And those actions can lead to business success or business failure. At the end of the journey, you will see your image appear on the cover of Fast Company magazine, giving you insight on how it would look if you were named the Hiscox Business Owner of the Year.

The Hiscox Reactor virtual experience is supported by resource pages that provide useful tips and advice based on your specific industry. Before activating the Hiscox Reactor, take a look at the trailer above for an inside look at how it works.