Hiscox Encourages Courageous Filmmakers at the Austin Film Festival

October 13, 2016


You may know Hiscox as America’s #1 online small business insurance company, but did you know that we’re also a leading insurer of the media and entertainment industries? At Hiscox we know that, similar to running a small business, creating a truly great film comes with some risks. That’s why we’re excited to be a leading sponsor of the Austin Film Festival for the second year in a row! As part of our sponsorship we’re proud to again help celebrate risk with the Hiscox Courage Award. Selected by the audience, the Hiscox Courage Award will recognize the festival film that most embodies courage in its storytelling and the filmmaker who has best embraced the positive power of risk-taking for the benefit of their art. The 2016 Austin Film Festival, also known as “The Writers Festival,” will run from October 13-20. Attendees will vote for the Hiscox Courage Award following more than 180 screenings that will take place over the course of the festival.

About the Hiscox Courage Award

The Hiscox Courage Award will be chosen exclusively by audience votes and awarded the week of October 25. Until 20, a powerful documentary about facing fear and making the most of every day despite illness, was the recipient of the 2015 Hiscox Courage Award. Hiscox’s partnership with the Austin Film Festival also includes the Hiscox Filmmaker Blog Archive, where filmmakers share stories of the challenges faced during the creation of their films.

Encouraging Courage in Media and Entertainment

“We’re honored to support filmmakers who have the courage to challenge convention,” said Joanne Richardson, media and entertainment practice leader at Hiscox USA. “Filmmakers take many risks during the storytelling process, both creatively and practically. This type of risk-taking is what inspired Hiscox to support the Austin Film Festival and present the second annual Courage Award, as we look to not only provide filmmakers with a sense of security in their endeavors, but to praise them for their creative work.” Hiscox USA works with small and medium-sized business throughout the US to support them and address their risk management needs.