Happy Mother’s Day, Mompreneurs!

May 07, 2014

Mompreneurs, take these steps to balance being a mother and small business owner.

As an entrepreneur, working too hard is a given.  A lot is demanded of all small business owners and even more is required of those who are also moms.  But working too hard can’t go on indefinitely or life’s other aspects – some that are integral to success, like your physical health – will suffer. You need to find work-life balance as a small business owner and evaluate whether you’re thriving or surviving. It’s also important to realize that working too hard creates expectations about what you’re capable of that aren’t sustainable over the long run. To keep life from seeming like an overwhelming flood of things to do, it’s important to have short-term solutions for “putting out fires” and long-term plans for making progress on targets and goals.  As you begin to firm up how this will work for you, start by setting aside 45 minutes around lunch time to take care of urgent things that pop up.  And redefine “urgent” to be things that are business-or mission-critical only.  Everything else can wait.

Cutting yourself some slack is important too.  Mompreneurs should set boundaries with clients about their commitment to parenthood, which gives a significant amount of room to maneuver when schedule changes pop up – which they always do!  From the very beginning of the conversation, let potential clients know you’re a mom and you take that seriously.  Either they’ll respect you for it or you’ll know before work begins that they’re not a good fit for your small business.  If you run a retail business, be sure to have reliable back-up – staff or friends and family who can fill in in a pinch. A couple of other ideas to help you as your business grows:

  • As your business grows and you staff up, create a company culture that values family.  That way everyone’s on board when child-related needs arise.
  • Delegate some of your small business tasks.  Investing the time to find reliable help and show them what needs to happen will save hours of time in the future.
  • Make sure your business is protected with small business insurance. You have enough to worry about as a mom and business owner. Consider obtaining general liability insurance and professional liability coverage.

Are you a mompreneur? Leave a comment sharing what steps you take to balance it all. Your answer may appear in an upcoming post on the Hiscox small business blog.