Enchant Your Employees

March 01, 2012


Part 7 of 8 - Guy Kawasaki small business advice series; as a small business owner you must learn to enchant your employees.

How do you enchant people that work for you? Use a M.A.P. (based on the work of Daniel Pink).

Mastery - as an employer you have to think about what it is you can offer your employees. One thing you can offer your employees is that they will learn and master new skills. For example, if you're a photographer you can teach your employees new portrait techniques or how to use lighting in various situations.

Autonomy - you should offer your employees independence. Empower your employees by allowing them to work independently and don't micromanage them.

Purpose - you're employees should feel like their working towards a higher purpose. You're not all there just to make widgets, you empower your employees to make them more creative and give them piece of mind.

Most importantly, show people who work for you that you will do what it takes to succeed. Don't ask you're employees to do a job that you wouldn't do yourself.