Does your small business have an army of brand ambassadors?

December 17, 2013

Establishing brand ambassadors for your business can help ensure your company’s marketing efforts stand out.

Establishing your small business brand is essential. It serves as a way for your business to stand out among the competition in your industry. A well-established brand means consumers who desire the product or service that you offer will think of you first. Pop stars have perfected the art of branding and small business owners can learn a lot from them. On Friday, pop artist Beyoncé released a surprise album with 14 new songs and videos to accompany each track. Typically, a new product or service launch, includes a major marketing push over several weeks or longer. But, there was no marketing campaign before the release of this all-digital album. The results were astounding! In three days, the album sold over 500,000 copies and is at the top of the Billboard charts.

What was Beyoncé’s secret? How did she achieve such success so quickly without creating and implementing a marketing plan? The answer is brand ambassadors. As a small business owner, do you have an army of brand ambassadors that will be advocates for your product? If your company released a new product or service into the market without a major marketing push behind it, how successful would it be? The answer is probably not that successful. Brand ambassadors, ideally an already established group of advocates of your brand, can step in and help generate buzz about your product. From social media to traditional news reports, Beyoncé’s fans (ambassadors) were talking about the album release everywhere. Over one million tweets were generated about Beyoncé within a 12-hour period. While your small business may not have the following of Beyoncé, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a successful advocacy program. Follow these steps to establish your brand ambassador program. • Determine the structure of your brand ambassador program. • Use social media and review sites to see who’s already talking about you. • Create relationships that are beneficial for you and the ambassador. • Establish benchmarks to measure your program. Please connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to tell us your brand ambassador story and we’ll help you spread the word.