Did a Long Commute Lead You to Pursue Small Business Ownership?

March 15, 2013

Was your daily commute a major factor in becoming a small business owner or consultant? For some business owners, it was.

Several weeks ago, Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, caused an uproar by banning telecommuting and ordering all participating employees to return to the office immediately. With the rise of technology making remote work more efficient than ever, some thought her decision wasn’t practical, while others supported Mayer’s decision to ban telecommuting as a way to increase employee moral. There are definitely some advantages enjoyed by  telecommuters. First, there’s the time, money and energy saved by eliminating their commute. There’s also scheduling flexibility, which can be particularly beneficial for working parents.

There are also advantages to commuting. Usually commuters can score cheaper home prices in suburban neighborhoods and the proverbial yard for the kids to play in. But the disadvantage of having to stick to a strict schedule can cause havoc on personal relationships. And even cut down on the time commuters spend with their family. Some people take it to even more of an extreme. Forbes recently took a look at the cities with the most extreme commutes. The average commute was around 25 minutes, but mega-commuters, people who travel upwards of two hours per day to and from work, are on the rise. Over 10 million U.S. workers now have daily commutes of an hour or more to work each way. While the advantages and disadvantages of both options are vast and depend on each individual’s preference, the wear of tear of telecommuting has led to the launch of at least one company. Co-founders of Web2Carz, started their business while on a daily commute that lasted almost two-hours round-trip. They eventually decided to start their own business, and cut down their commute to virtually nothing by opening an office near their homes in a suburb of Illinois. One of the many advantages of being the owner is you get to decide where to locate your office. Was your daily commute a major factor in becoming a small business owner or consultant? Share your story with us by leaving a comment.