Describe your business to a five year-old

November 13, 2013

How would you describe your business to a five year-old if you had to?

If you were asked to explain what your company does to a five year-old, would you be able to do it? How would you  describe the essential benefits of your product or service and why they need it? In this case, simplicity is best. Much like the simplicity that is needed if you were pitching your business to a venture capitalist.

We asked business owners at the annual San Diego Entrepreneur Day to share their insight about topics ranging from their biggest business risk to how they named their company. We also asked them to give a explanation of their business, simple enough for a five year-old to understand. At an event that was filled with companies ranging from marketing consultants, to fashion designers and event planners, the range of answers were interesting. View the video above to see over 25 business owners explain their business in terms a five year-old could understand. After you've checked out the video, leave a comment explaining what your company does. For more insight from small business owners, visit the Hiscox YouTube channel for more videos.