If you are starting a small business, there are numerous things to consider. Asides from the straight-forward corporate side of things, including registering your company with the IRS and considering small business insurance, you need to think about the world wide web if you want to be seen as a modern, forward thinking company.

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Slate on a special podcast series, Points of Courage, which is designed to highlight the courage of some of our small business clients.


The wildly popular podcast Serial debuted its second season yesterday and small businesses can pick up some tricks from their success. Podcasts have been growing in popularity in recent years as more and more people listen to them during their commute on their handy smartphones. This is an opportunity for small businesses, whether its producing their own content or sponsoring podcasts related to their products or services.

Consulting can help college students generate income to cover tuition, meals, and very expensive textbooks. Here are 4 small business consulting ideas for college students.