In a perfect world, everyone would get along with everyone else. We’d all come in to work on time, get our work done, collaborate with co-workers to advance the business, and wave a cheery, “Good bye!” at the end of the day. But that simply isn’t the way it goes most of the time. Every job and every business has its drawbacks, but what happens when the work environment becomes truly toxic?

What do Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and perfect work life balance have in common? All three are great mysteries that everyone talks about but no one has ever seen or found. Here are 4 steps to finding the elusive work life balance.

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It takes years to build trust in your business and your products, and even longer to create an actual community. VW successfully did all of that, and then saw their community swiftly turn on them. The reversal of fortune can be even swifter for a company with smaller amounts of positive community sentiment in the bank.