The 2017 DNA of an Entrepreneur Report

Read Hiscox’s analysis of the state of entrepreneurship worldwide in the latest edition of our annual report.

So you’ve finally started a business. Your dreams are about to come true. All you need to do is keep things together until you’re successful. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you may have competition that would just love to see you fail. Criminals may also be interested in capitalizing on your success. Here are 5 Tips to save on cyber security.

A new air of confidence pervades Hiscox's seventh annual DNA of an Entrepreneur Report. While last year’s small business owners (SBOs) showed encouraging signs that they had weathered the storm and were seeing signs of recovery, this year’s respondents demonstrate a genuine sense of confidence and buoyancy.

At Hiscox, we take great pride in being true partners with our clients. Hiscox clients know that we’ll always be there to help them keep their business protected and lend a helping hand when they need it the most. It’s especially great when we can support a client who is dedicated to helping others in a new way.